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How Dinosaurs can Fix Your Religion

There comes a time in every spec-fic writer’s life when they must take a good long at themselves and think: “is this novel I’ve written nothing but a vehicle for my made-up culture?” You bet it is! I was working … Continue reading

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From The Tex Files: Okay, look. Marriage can be wonderful. We know that. GETTING married is something else entirely. It’s such a special time, but so stressful, too. Well, fret no more about your impending nuptials, friends – because today … Continue reading

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How Dinosaurs Can Murder Your Darlings

From Katrina Archer’s My Murdered Darling series Are everyone’s novels built upon the bones of dead characters and deleted scenes? I haven’t done any sort of survey, but mine certainly are. I’ll start with a cool little scene or idea that’s just … Continue reading

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Tyrannosaur Queen reviews

Here are the reviews of Tyrannosaur Queen I’ve been able to find. If you know of any others, tell me in the comments. Amazon: “It’s the kind of book that hits the ground running and doesn’t stop.” Goodreads: “both characters … Continue reading

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Sales report

Tyrannosaur Queen became available to the unwashed masses at the beginning of January, which means I now have an exciting new graph to show you! That’s SALES, people. Sweet, digital cash. I had a few pre-orders, then “sold” about 500 … Continue reading

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Looking at 2015

Here’s what’s happened on the website this year. That spike in January was from a great podcast I did with Lars Doucet and James Cavin about computer games. Some more of those spikes are another podcast I did with Ferret … Continue reading

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Yes, Your Velociraptors Must Have Feathers and Other Concessions to Reality

From Love in a Time of Chasmosaurs Universal Studios had a good reason for using giant lizards rather than real dinosaurs in Jurassic World. They didn’t want to make just any old dinosaur movie, they wanted to continue the Jurassic Park franchise, and Jurassic … Continue reading

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My Favorite Bit with Mary Robinette Kowal

What would it be like to meet a tyrannosaur? That’s the question that everyone who works with dinosaurs wants to answer. What did this animal look like? How did it behave? What sounds did it make? What smells? How did … Continue reading

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102 Dinosaurs! with Emily Willoughby

I’m talking with scientific illustrator Emily Willoughby about Dinosaurs! Creationism! and Evolutionary Psychology! EDIT: The book we talk about, GOD’S WORD OR HUMAN REASON, is available now for preorder! Dinosaurs are cool! Yi qi, the very bizarre dinosaur with bat-wings Maniraptors, specifically dromaeosaurs, which … Continue reading

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How Dinosaurs can fix your Flower Garden

A museum worker I follow once commented on the kids who come up to him and asked to be directed to the “dinosaur plants.” Adorable. Can’t you just picture that dinosaur plant, spiky and gnarled, primeval mists dripping off its … Continue reading

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