“This book is a masterpiece. I will hold this one in my brain forever. It now stands as a benchmark of what comics can and SHOULD be.” Dave Shevlin on Comfort Food Comics

“Bensen writes with characteristic nuance, keenly balancing human drama and ambition against the incredible alien landscape …” Publisher’s Weekly

“The world-building was superb.” Matt Mitrovich on Amazing Stories

“This novel is high quality science fiction as it used to be, ought to continue to be, and hopefully always will be.” Nigel Robert Wilson of the British Fantasy Society

“I am a voracious reader of science fiction, but this is my first-ever review on Amazon: I am writing in hopes that this author will follow up on this debut novel with more stories like this one.” Marion W. Robertson on Amazon

“If you really like spec-evo, that may be enough to carry the story for you, but this time around, I think he’s handled the characterization significantly better…” Alex R. Howe’s Science Meets Fiction

“Daniel M. Bensen has a wonderful time designing the biozones…” Henry L. Lazarus of the Philadelphia Free Press.

“What an enthralling, entertaining, and educating novel!” Mallory Heart on the Haunted Reading Room

“The book manages to make an exploration of a number of possible alien biologies into a good action-adventure-romance yarn, which I thoroughly enjoyed.” Eric1843 on Amazon

“The author’s creativity gambols across the planet along with his characters, and the journey is as much about the weird creatures as it is about the human drama.” Publisher’s Weekly

“If you like your speculative fiction wild and untamed, Junction is just that and much more.”

Anonymous Kindle Customers

” It’s a real adventure of a story, all with a fine sprinkling of biological sciences in there.”