The vessel of a goddess is no longer attracted to the man she set up as her high priest, because he literally worships her. So she tries again with someone who will put up a more interesting fight.

: ἔνθα δ᾽ ἐοῦσα δεσπόσσεις πάντων ὁπόσα ζώει τε καὶ ἕρπει… :

“When you are here, you will rule all that lives and moves…”

– Pluto, The Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Kori Chthamali was 16 when she realized that the myth of Persephone was about her.

The first of the line of seeresses to be educated outside the Sacred Depths, Kori knows that it is death for outsiders to trespass upon the mysteries of her god, the Wealthgiver. If only the world were so simple. But it is 1878, and the Ottoman Empire is being carved into new and unstable nation-states. If Kori’s ancient, hidden people are to survive, they must come out of the shadows.

Kori’s high priest Nikolai knows that the plans of his god are deep, cold, and slow. Opportunities fall from the hands of the Wealthgiver, if only mortals can interpret them correctly.

Now, stumbling through the mountains, with nothing but his medical kit, the uniform on his back, and a death sentence hanging over his head, here comes an opportunity. His name is Andrei.

Wealthgiver is an alternate history romance with geo-politics and cave-Thracians.

Current status: gamma draft done! Tell me if you want to read it.

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