Fellow Tetrapod

Not Pictured Above: any tetrapods

Fellow Tetrapod

or What It’s Like to be a Talking Animal

“If the fish swam out of the ocean/And grew legs and they started walking…”

– Sam Sparro “Black and Gold

Koen Ruis came to this alien city to help his fellow humans with his knowledge of evolutionary biology. His colleagues at the United Nations embassy to the Convention of Sapient Species don’t want biology, however, they just want lunch. Now, this amateur chef with a macabre sense of humor and a looming existential crisis must try to navigate interpspecies diplomacy, kitchen politics, and love in a community so diverse that any four-legged fish would count as a close cousin.

Fellow Tetrapod is an office comedy about starting a restaurant, team-building, and what it’s like to be a talking animal.


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