The Centuries Unlimited

THE CENTURIES UNLIMITED is a diesel-punk noir family saga with time travel and gangsters.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”
—Attributed to Samuel Clemens

Emily Gallagher


Emily Gallagher

The Centuries Unlimited is a train that runs the cross-time rail line through seven stations in what used to be called “the past.” Eras connected by The Centuries Unlimited aren’t points in time any more, they’re places, and they’re very different from the “canonical history” of the line’s 22nd-century founders.

At Crisis Station, for example, history runs as normal until 2007, when people from the future arrived and bought up all the sub-prime mortgages. At Black Station, the future arrived 13 years ago, prevented the Great Depression, and sold us all bullet-proof vests. The Centuries Unlimited started visiting Knickerbocker Station a year ago, shortly before Emily Gallagher’s illegitimate child was stolen from her.

That’s where I come in. I’m Ruth Hunter, private investigator. I’m from Black Station, where the night air smells of utility fog and vaporized good Samaritans. The Chicago Outfit’s got ray guns and flying cars now, and they’ve switched their racket from running booze to smuggling people. They got Emily’s kid, and they would’ve gotten Emily if I hadn’t stepped in.

Recovering Emily’s baby means going up against Wizard John and his whole Outfit. Worse, it means going to my family for help. But Emily needs me, and she’s still my mother even if she is a decade younger than me. That’s time travel for you.

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