Junction: wilderness-survival murder-mystery with alien beasts.

STATUS: Still open for beta-readers! Comment below if you want to read this book and help me with the characters.

A wormhole in the New Guinea highlands leads to Junction, a patchwork planet of competing alien ecosystems. In the midst of rising international tension, TV personality and professional wilderness survivor Daisuke Matsumori joins an exploration party led by biologist Anne Houlihan and a collection of soldiers and civilians from enemy nations. When their plane crashes, Anne and Daisuke must guide their party back to the Earth wormhole, bushwhacking through deadly wilderness and deadlier politics.

Or, if you prefer, “Lewis and Clarke meet Agatha Christie on an alien planet.” Find out more here.

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The Nun and the Ern (languages)

The Biomes of Junction (canon)

The Biotic Zones of Junction: Plants, and Animals (out of date)

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