The Sultan’s Enchanter

“Everyone aims at the same meaning, but many are the versions of the story.”

—Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent


Vladimir Dimitrov – “Girl with Poppies”


Turhan’s mission was supposed to be simple: travel from the Ottoman capital to a Bulgarian village overseen by a rebellious magistrate, use his battle-enchantment to seize control of the minds of everyone in earshot, kill them, ride home. But the magistrate’s magical resources are greater than Turhan could have expected, and the rebellion is more vile than he could have imagined. Also, there’s this witch.

Elena is an ensensoress, using the charm in her fingers and the textures in the amulets she carves to control people’s minds. When the evil nature and disastrous scope of the magistrate’s plan become apparent, she compels Turhan into protecting her town.

If they are to keep themselves alive and the town safe, Turhan and Elena must find reasons to cooperate. In the mean time, mind control will have to do.

THE SULTAN’S ENCHANTER is a historical fantasy set in Ottoman Bulgaria, where art is power and love is easy to mistake for compulsion.

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Ars Magica: How to tell a charming lie.

St. Lazarus’ Day: A spring ritual

Ottoman-era Bulgaria with pictures!

The Ballad of Prince Marko and Maid Magdalena a folksong


Vocabulary and Slice of Life from Koprivshtitsa, an architectural preserve.

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NARRATIVE OF TRAVELS EUROPE, ASIA, AND AFRICA, THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY by Evliya Efendi. Translated from the Turkish by the Ritter Joseph Von Hammer

The government of the Ottoman empire in the time of Suleiman the Magnificent by Albert Howe

Medicinal plants from an old Bulgarian Medical Book by Anely Nedelcheva

Daily Life in the Ottoman Empire by Mehrdad Kia

 Bulgarian Holidays and Traditions by Maria Prodanova

Koprivshtenski pesni published by the community center (chetalishte) of the town of Koprivshtitsa

Ottoman kit (for information on uniforms)

Bibliography of Bulgarian historical literature

Refined Tastes in a Refined Place: Eating Habits an the Ottoman Palace During the 15th-17th Centuries,” by Arif Bilgin

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Thracian Rhyton

Bulgarian carved cross

Ottoman scent bottle 15-19c.