JUNCTION the wilderness-survival murder-mystery with alien beasts and geopolitics (published 2019 by Flame Tree Press)


Protector” the post-apocalyptic scifi adventure with cyborg Jesus (co-written by Simon Roy, published in 2020 by Image Comics)

Self-Published novels

GROOM OF THE TYRANNOSAUR QUEEN the SF/adventure about dinosaurs and the nature of power. (also available on Amazon)

THE KINGDOMS OF EVIL  the fantasy/satire novel


PETROLEA a novella about conservation and love in a nest of robot dragons available from Alban Lake Books

Short stories

(In the Tales from Alternate Earths 2 anthology) “The Goose’s Wing” alternate history

(In the Tales from Alternate Earths anthology) “Treasure Fleet” alternate history
 Co-Winner of the 2016 Sidewise Award for Best Short-Form Alternate History

(In the Tales from the Universe anthology) “The Devout Atheist” alternate history/fantasy

(In Alternate History Fiction Magazine) “Lords of the World” alternate history/science fiction

(In the Domesticated Velociraptor Anthology) “Bataar” science fiction with dinosaurs


Writing Wrongly” a process essay about writing and cancer in the Jan 2019 edition of Apex Magazine.

Transportation” on trauma and fiction, from the blog of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.


Alex” science fiction short-short

Piñata” science fiction short-short

Land of Opportunity” science fiction short-short

There are also a bunch of short stories on the website.

Waiting for Publication

NEW FRONTIERS the SF/humor novel about sex and aliens. (looking for publisher)

CHARMING LIES the historical fantasy about mind-control and freedom. (looking for publisher)

THE WORLD’S OTHER SIDE the alternate history about colonization and terrorism. (looking for publisher)

Waiting for Completion

Leave a comment below if you want to be a beta-reader 🙂

INTERCHANGE the scifi exploration thriller with space-biology and sustainability

THE CENTURIES UNLIMITED the diesel-punk noir family saga with time travel and gangsters (ready for beta-readers!)

FELLOW TETRAPOD the office comedy about starting a restaurant, team-building, and what it’s like to be a talking animal. (now on hold)