JUNCTION the wilderness-survival murder-mystery with alien beasts and geopolitics (published 2019 by Flame Tree Press)

Self-Published novels

GROOM OF THE TYRANNOSAUR QUEEN the SF/adventure about dinosaurs and the nature of power.

THE KINGDOMS OF EVIL  the fantasy/satire novel


PETROLEA a novella about conservation and love in a nest of robot dragons available from Alban Lake Books

Short stories

(In the Tales from Alternate Earths 2 anthology) “The Goose’s Wing” alternate history

(In the Tales from Alternate Earths anthology) “Treasure Fleet” alternate history
 Co-Winner of the 2016 Sidewise Award for Best Short-Form Alternate History

(In the Tales from the Universe anthology) “The Devout Atheist” alternate history/fantasy

(In Alternate History Fiction Magazine) “Lords of the World” alternate history/science fiction

(In the Domesticated Velociraptor Anthology) “Bataar” science fiction with dinosaurs


Writing Wrongly” a process essay about writing and cancer in the Jan 2019 edition of Apex Magazine.


Alex” science fiction short-short

Piñata” science fiction short-short

Land of Opportunity” science fiction short-short

There are also a bunch of short stories on the website.

Waiting for Publication

NEW FRONTIERS the SF/humor novel about sex and aliens. (looking for publisher)

CHARMING LIES the historical fantasy about mind-control and freedom. (looking for publisher)

THE WORLD’S OTHER SIDE the alternate history about colonization and terrorism. (looking for publisher)

Waiting for Completion

Leave a comment below if you want to be a beta-reader!

THE CENTURIES UNLIMITED the diesel-punk noir family saga with time travel and gangsters (ready for beta-readers!)

FELLOW TETRAPOD the office comedy about starting a restaurant, team-building, and what it’s like to be a talking animal. (now on hold)

If you want to track the progress of a given project, have a look at my Master Plan