Self-Published novels

GROOM OF THE TYRANNOSAUR QUEEN the SF/adventure about dinosaurs and the nature of power.

THE KINGDOMS OF EVIL  the fantasy/satire novel
How can anyone govern hordes of bloodthirsty monsters? And in the dark and poisoned Kingdoms of Evil, what do the monsters eat? Aside from each other.


PETROLEA a novella about conservation and love in a nest of robot dragons available from Alban Lake Books

Short stories

(In the Tales from Alternate Earth’s anthology) “Treasure Fleet” alternate history
A Muslim China sends a fleet east across the Pacific in search for an alternate rout to Mecca. Instead, they find the Aztecs. —Co-Winner of the 2016 Sidewise Award for Best Short-Form Alternate History

(In the Tales from the Universe anthology) “The Devout Atheist” alternate history/fantasy
Scientists debate religion in a universe where the existence of God is empirically provable.

(In Alternate History Fiction Magazine) “Lords of the World” alternate history/science fiction
A Sherlock-Holmes-style mystery set in an alternate history where the Martian invasion of H.G. Wells never ended.

(In the Domesticated Velociraptor Anthology) “Bataar.” A hunter accompanies his king to kill a tyrannosaur.


Alex” science fiction short-short
A mathematician finally understands his alien captors.

Piñata” science fiction short-short
Humans take advantage of an alien invasion.

Land of Opportunity” science fiction short-short
A post-apocalyptic Columbus returns home after rediscovering America.

Various short shorts in my Wonderful Awful Ideas series.

On the website

Ogres” (about 4,000 words)  fantasy/satire short story
A generation after the events of The Kingdoms of Evil, Skrea is still a hard place for an investor.

Death to Martians” (about 3,000 words) science fiction short story
A human prepares to strike back at the Martian oppressors.

Waiting for Publication

JUNCTION the wilderness-survival murder-mystery with alien beasts and geopolitics (looking for publisher)

NEW FRONTIERS the SF/humor novel about sex and aliens. (looking for publisher)

CHARMING LIES the historical fantasy about mind-control and freedom. (looking for publisher)

THE WORLD’S OTHER SIDE the alternate history about colonization and terrorism. (looking for publisher)

Waiting for Completion

Email me if you want to be a beta-reader!

THE CENTURIES UNLIMITED the diesel-punk noir family saga with time travel and gangsters (being written)


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