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Cover by Simon Roy


“Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen is the kind of book that hits the ground running and doesn’t stop.”

Carrie Patel, author of the Buried Life

“Who hasn’t imagined themselves in the T-rex rodeo? Seriously. AWESOME.”

Melissa Walshe, author of Autumn’s Daughter

“There are real stakes, real bits of character growth, and real meaning to what is essentially a fun and pulpy Sci-Fi story.”

Brent A. Harris, author of Altered Instinct

“I loved this book so much so that I approached Daniel to narrate it!”

—Eric Stachura, narrator of the Tyrannosaur Queen audiobook

“Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen is a rocking hybrid of pulpy Mesozoic adventure cross-bred with high-tech scifi and a delightful writing style that sucks you in like a whirlpool. Man, where do I even start?”

—Austen Confer at Eccentric Cowboy

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Former soldier Andrea Herrera isn’t happy with where her life’s taken her. Specifically, Hell Creek, Montana, 65 million years before the present.  As far as careers go, making sure the dinosaurs don’t eat her paleontologist clients comes in a pretty dismal second choice to serving her country. But when their time machine malfunctions, Andrea and her team are trapped in a timeline that shouldn’t exist with something a hell of a lot more dangerous than terrible lizards: other humans.

Kidnapped by the stone-age descendants of a lost time colony, Andrea finds herself stripped of her technological advantages and forced into a war against the implacable armies of the Slaver Empire. Even worse, the Slavers have captured the time machine and the mission’s one surviving paleontologist, using his futuristic weapons for their own ends.

Andrea’s only hope lies with the ferociously intelligent and violently insane tribal war-leader, Trals Scarback. Armed with his mystic sword, his trained velociraptor, and his herd of war-triceratops, this former slave has the resources and motivation to take on the empire. But can Andrea persuade him to see her as a partner rather than a tool for his ambitions? Only if she beats the barbarian at his own game and becomes the Tyrannosaur Queen.

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The short story “Bataar” set in the same universe in the Domesticated Velociraptors Anthology




Turbofanatic’s amazing bad-guy picture


Tyrannosaur Queen is as accurate as I can make it.   Click here to see the bibliography.


Tyrannosaur Queen people and dinosaurs in glorious pictorial form.

Azhdarchid by Daniel NewmanAzhdarchid by Daniel Newman

Other materials

A short story set in the same universe in the Domesticated Velociraptor anthology

A treatise on the languages of Trals’s world.

The playlist I listened to while I was writing about hairy guys hacking each other apart with dinosaurs. Also sometimes when I’m planning lessons.

Dracorex, knitting and design by Melissa Walshe

Dracorex, knitting and design by Melissa Walshe