The Kingdoms of Evil

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The Kingdoms of Evil (finished)

The Kingdoms of Evil poses the question fantasy rarely answers: how does a Lord of Evil do his job? How can anyone govern hordes of bloodthirsty monsters? And in the dark and poisoned Kingdoms of Evil, what do the monsters eat? Aside from each other.

Freetrick was a college student before he inherited the Skull Throne of the Kingdoms of Evil. Now, kidnapped and exiled from his home, he has to figure out a way to survive in a nation where Maniacal Laughter is a performance art and Assassination a competitive sport, with extra points awarded for creative cruelty.

Freetrick’s secretary is a hideous, dangling vampire, his fiancée a dominatrix who uses her own blood as a weapon, and his half-brother wants to kill him and usurp the throne. And even if he avoids being driven insane or murdered and turned into a zombie, Freetrick still has to somehow fix the Kingdoms of Evil. That is, if he can survive breakfast.


“Modest worm!” Sneered DeMacabre into his athame, “can your puny intellect encompass the concept of ‘public works project’? For that, you parasite, is what the Lord of Misery demands to know.”



What is the Kingdoms of Evil?

The Kingdoms of Evil is my first novel,  started right after college at a summer job in Marlborough, Massachussets, and finished five years later in Sofia, Bulgaria.  As an experiment in independant publishing, I am releasing it here as a free online serialization, updated daily. The complete novel is available here for 99 cents.

Did you draw the pictures?

Most of them. I do have a few commissioned or donated pictures, and when you see them, their creators are credited. However, all of the illustrations are my own work. For better or worse.

Are you working on a sequel?

Yes and no. I do have a sequel planned with copious notes, but I’m waiting to see what sort of reception the Kingdoms of Evil gets before I focus on the sequel. In the mean time, I am working on a stand alone sci-fi/alt-history called Gondwana. You can find more about Gondwana here.

How can I help?

Buying the book would be nice.

But I’m also eager to hear any criques or advice you have, either for the story itself, or the web design, or the illustrations.

You can also help complete KoE’s entry on TV Tropes.