Daniel M. Bensen

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Daniel M. Bensen is an author of speculative fiction, including science fiction, alternate history, and fantasy. His work includes the speculative-biology novel Junction and its sequel Interchange, the optimistic post-apocalyptic comic-book First Knife (with Simon Roy). and the Sidewise Award-winning alternate history short story “Treasure Fleet” (in the Tales from Alternate Earths anthology). These stories have been called “clever, entertaining, and thoughtful” (SFBook Reviews) and “at times poignant” (Big Comic Page). He’s even been told he has “characteristic nuance,” (Publisher’s Weekly).

You may also enjoy his other alternate history short story, “The Goose’s Wing” in the Tales from Alternate Earths 2, his novella Petrolea, and his self-published novel Groom of the Tyrannosaur Queen. Daniel is represented by Jennie Goloboy of Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Daniel loves learning about real life and extending from it to build plausible and surprising worlds. The people in these worlds struggle to turn themselves the right way around, and so generate  stories.

Daniel studied biology and history, teaches English as a Foreign Language and International Business Communication, and has survived cancer. After growing up in Chicago, Maine, California, Montana, Japan, and Boston, he followed his then-fiancée to Sofia, Bulgaria, where he has continued to grow up. He now teaches, writes, and resides with his wife, daughters, and in-laws in the Balkan Tower of Matriarchy.

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