We are the Good

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This was supposed to be a trial run for Vessian, a fictional language that evolved from ancient Thracian, and a part of my current novel-in-progress Wealthgiver.

I say “supposed to” because I wrote the English version of the follow message almost a year ago. Let’s hope the Vessian parts of my novel will take less time.


We are the Good.
Ami emi Vessiti.
(WE-nom BE-1st-plur GOOD-nom-plur-def)

You can forget the lies you have heard about us; we are not evil.
Iu ivuss galti ta egmirat dravdzissi tsi tsepis zlivti be nami; me emi zuli.
(YOU-plur-nom BE-2nd-plur-aor CAN-past.part-plur TO FORGET-2nd-plur LIE-plur-acc-def THAT Be-2nd-plur HEAR-past.part-plur FOR WE-dat NOT BE-1st-plur EVIL-masc-plur)

Please, do not call us “Thracians.” This is a Greek word meaning “Trouble-Makers.”
Kiat, made ta na kolat “Traki”. Zete iss gritsisse ssile, ziamania “dregi.”
(PRAY-2nd-plur DO.NOT TO 1st-plur-clitic CALL-2nd-plur-impf THRACIAN-plur. This BE-3rd-pres GREEK-adj-fem WORD-fem-nom, MEAN-active.participle JERK-plur)

Our land of Vassia is ancient and wealthy.
Nuiuda dan an Vessia iss ime tse zelvesside.
(1st-plur-poss-neu-def LAND-neu ON VESSIA-fem BE-3rd-pres ANCIENT-fem AND WEALTHY-fem.)

She welcomes you.
Iate iu deztar.
(3rd-fem 2md-plur RECEIVE-3rd-pres)

She offers beautiful nature, tasty cuisine, skiing, discrete financial services, and the most generous taxation system in Europe.
Preber kalian vusiden, eisazevten tsissinian, sski, zisskriti ssartsidrunuri abasitri tse plissuda bagun sussisseman n Ivratse.
(for-CARRY-3rd-pres BEAUTIFUL-fem-acc NATURE-fem-acc, TASTY-fem-acc CUISINE-fem-acc, SKIING, THROUGH-JUDGE-pres.part-fem.plur MONEY-BENCH-adj-fem.plur SERVANT-abstract-fem.plur AND MOST-neu FAIR-neu WITH-SET.UP-neu TO WIDE-FACE-fem-acc.

In Vessian, we say: “if you bury gold in a triple-pit, the Earth will give it back to you tripled.”
Ne Vississezia glusa beman: “I ne tribadar zelte erie, an trie ze sa anda De.”
(IN GOOD-adj-fem-def-dat TONGUE-fem SAY-1st-plur-pres IF IN THREE-SACRED.PIT-masc GOLD-fem bury-2nd-pres BY THREE FUT 2nd-clitic AGAIN-GIVE-perf-3rd EARTH.GODDESS.

Come! Bury your gold in Vessia!
Ergat! Aperat va zelteden ne Vessia!
(COME-2nd-plur-perf-imp BURY-2nd-plur-perf-imp REFL.CLITIC GOLD-fem-def-acc TO GOOD-abst-fem)


The next step is recording this as a video for Youtube.

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