Conodonts 2

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You might remember my first radiation of conodonts last month. Now it’s time for phase two of my art/evolution experiment. With the aid of a dice, I halved the numbers of condont species, leaving only five to radiate into 11 new (and somewhat better drawn) species. These are:

pinkish – eats smaller plankton

gray – eats larger plankton

gray-blue – detritivore, conodont elements protruding through gill slits provide protection

gray-green – bottom-dwelling detritivore, duplicated conodont elements on first four segments

light teal – fast pursuit predator

teal – slow pursuit predator

orange – large pelagic plankton-eater. First conodont elements provide stabilization

light orange – bottom-dwelling crustacean-specialist. First conodont elements provide stabilization and grab prey

magenta – benthic ambush predator

dark purple – specialized bivalve eater

purple – eats small, reef-dwelling invertebrates

I won’t ask you who you want to survive the next extinction event, because that’s going to be random. But what niches do you want to see the survivors evolve to fill next time?

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