Tottering Horrors

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Experiments with an idea that never made it into Interchange. Imagine a fish that gets onto land, not by pushing on the ground with its fins, but by using its jaws. Remember that fish have (potentially) several sets of jaws nested one within the other, all evolved from the repeating structure of the gill arches.

In the topmost picture, the lower jaws are divided at the “chin” and folded back into comb-shaped display structures. The other limbs (and feeding mandibles) are individual teeth. I wasn’t satisfied with that, but the result was cute.

The lower picture was better. The front and rear legs evolved from the second-outermost jaw of the aquatic ancestor. The outermost jaws are still used to catch prey, which is passed to the inner-most jaws, which are finally connected to the esophagus. The little hat thing on top is the tail, which has evolved into an excretory and display structure.

Sweet dreams!

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