Flights of Foundry Specbio panel

This is the video of the specbio panel I moderated last year at Flights of Foundry. I’m a little slow getting started, but my guests had some excellent things to say, so  please skip ahead a few minutes and hear such things as:

“The stranger it is, the more likely it is to be real” – Adrian Tchaikovsky

“Did you give it a butt-hole?” – Casey Lucas

“pythons use constipation as a predator strategy” – Peter Watts, helpfully

“What kind of flesh instantiates that idea?” – Peter Watts

“the worms come out of the toad…this is why I thought of you, Peter” – Julie Czerneda

“We break the laws because…we don’t know everything.” – Peter Watts

“Of course the birds know what they’re doing” – Julie Czerneda

book reccs

Science as a Process

The Kindly Inquisitors

Winter World

Parasite Rex

Evolving the Alien

“I go to the bibliography and tear it up” – Casey Lucas

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