The City of Nuvil-La

What you’re looking at is the Saint Laurence river after a 60m rise in sea level, just south-west of Quebec city, where the Pierre-Laporte Bridge crosses the river.

The old Bequa city is north of the river, centered on the Star Fort (the other brown things are smaller sub-forts).

The Petwa (on the south side of the river) rammed their Battleship Palace into the shallows where the bridge’s foundations still remain, and built docks there. For scale, the battleship is about 500 meters long. The Petwa have put up dykes and drained large tracks of land, connected by bridges and canals. The Bequa have also recently put up their own dykes south of the Star Fort, and built their new town – a rather crass imitation of the Petwa.

Shortly before Mari’s Covenant, the Hudsoni and Devas attacked Nuvil-La, seizing that southwestern chunk of reclaimed land. After the Covenant, that chunk became a high tech Hudsoni town, centered on a Pillar of Friendship (the brown circle). It is now almost entirely abandoned.

The Angloes live in houseboats, mostly in the tidal marshes along the coast. Their greatest concentrations are northeast of Nuvil-La, and southeast, around the back of the reclaimed land and natural islands on the Petwa side, where the Petwa haven’t yet run them off.

I think that Shan lives just west of the Star Fort, on the opposite side of the canal. It’s an old part of town, once prosperous but now poor enough that its owners are willing to rent to Angloes. If he stands outside his shop and looks south, Shan will see one of the lesser forts and the masts of ships at dock. Looking north, he’ll see the roofs and chimneys of the Nuvil-La Old Town. West, he’ll see the barracks and still-fashionable town-houses around another lesser fort. To the east, just across the canal, he will see the looming wall of the Star Fort, with the leaves of trees visible over its top.

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