Digeridoo the whippo

Digeridoo, the monument-building “whippomorph” who gives our heroes some problems to solve in the very first scene I wrote for Fellow Tetrapod.

Digeridoo’s version of India never collided with Asia, and the muddy mangrove swamps of the north Indian coast provided a habitat for early whales to evolve into burrowers. Although I call Digeridoo a “whippomorph,” in the book (because it’s a funny word), he is more precisely a stem-whale (and even more precisely a georgiacetine protocetid). His hips are dislocated from his spine, allowing him swing his hind limbs forward and use them to manipulate objects. Some other parts of his anatomy are probably wrong, and I hope to do a new picture to correct those mistakes soon.

Thank you to my patrons for supporting (and telling me how to fix) this picture and species design. Thanks also to Tim Morris, my professional speculative evolution consultant!

For more commentary, some personal musings, picture by Tim Morris, and how I plan to change this species’s design, see https://www.patreon.com/posts/whippomorph-57264302

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