Spring’s Journal Thursday

Last spring, I started keeping a writing journal. Every morning after I finished writing, I would jot down my thoughts in a repeating google calendar event. Thoughts I didn’t care about got deleted. What’s left is what I consistently cared about every week. Here’s Thursday:

when you’re looking at the clock, get up
Do post-reader revisions on paper
Research in morning
Screwing up is a cure for burnout
Crack open the old scene to write new stuff
Start from nothing
During 3re draft, add
all snapped into place as I tried to merge old and new
POV makes decisions
POV transforms
Get emotional arc for scene
Trust inspiration
Zoom out and see bigger story
Make sure your new tunnel is aligned with the old one.
Limp, but process got me through it
Don’t just plow through
Find the image and develop it
No shallow work in the morning!

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