Spring’s journal Wednesday

Last spring, I started keeping a writing journal. Every morning after I finished writing, I would jot down my thoughts in a repeating google calendar event. Thoughts I didn’t care about got deleted. What’s left is what I consistently cared about every week. Here’s Wednesday:

One thing at a time
Start with blank page
You will rewrite ending every time
know why you’re making decisions.
Do what scares you
Focus on the craft not readers
Give myself instructions
Write outline of scene
pull it apart and snap it back together!
Your job is to add not rewrite
Once you have inertia, you can revise without the blank screen
Writing and deleting is a sign you’re tired
When you start second guessing, go to blank screen
Read ahead to make sure you’re aligned
See possibilities and problems for the general shape of scenes leading up to keystones
Passion then logic
A lot of pushing
But I’ll get it done

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