Spring’s journal Monday

Last spring, I started keeping a writing journal. Every morning after I finished writing, I would jot down my thoughts in a repeating google calendar event. Thoughts I didn’t care about got deleted. What’s left is what I consistently cared about every week. Here’s Monday:

Embrace the image that comes to you
Review beta draft on paper first
Don’t open the spreadsheet!
Time will come – you’re making wine
I write a lot of material before the essay comes and then it comes in an hour and that’s it!
Use the blank screen for inspiration
I want to work in watercolor, where I can see my work after it’s done
Make some insistences
Do what is scaring you
Don’t worry yet about skin
Hold onto the images
Trust the outline
No new bones only meat to pull them
Catch a phrase and write off it
I really do recharge on weekends
Feel fulfilled by grabbing something and writing it new
Work that into whatever writing you’re doing
Afternoon will integrate them.
And that’s how I’ll do 3 scenes a day and remain fulfilled
I grabbed the image that came to me

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