4 Star Book review: Paleocene 3

Full disclosure: the author sent me this comic, asking for an honest review. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t review it, but I did, so I am 🙂

I had heard about the Paleocene comic series, but I hadn’t read a full issue before this one, issue 3. Then, I went back and read 1 and 2 (as well as the short “Pleistocene”). I’d actually recommend you do the same. Read them 3, 1, 2, which seems to be more or less the chronology of the story.

That cause I was hooked by the birds. They are gorgeous jerks, as birds are. We follow the tale of one hawk-like fellow in his quest to find a new home in the aftermath of the catastrophe that obliterated his saurian kin.

Meanwhile, a troop of small primates scamper deliciously through the ruins of the Age of Dinosaurs. They have the usual primate problems, including starvation, predation, and politics.

The story is a simple one and I won’t spoil it here. It has two piercing moments, involving the sun and memories. They’re worth the price of admission.

The science is all excellent. It’s clear the Keesey paid attention to every detail, making sure we get an accurate picture of the first years after the end of the Cretaceous. The art took some getting used to, but once again the birds drew me in. Through their eyes, the world thrums with ultraviolet, as opposed to the green-gray world of the colorblind mammals. In the mammal scenes, the panels are surrounded by thick, black, rounded borders, which gives us the impression we’re peering out of a hole in a hollow tree. Their world is towering, unknown, and frightening. The bird’s world is operatic and grand. Also hungry.


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