Interchange is out

…give or take a few hours depending on your time zone.

If the “order now” button hasn’t appeared for you yet, whet your taste with the interviews I gave on

Writer’s History podcast

Time for Cakes and Ale podcast

and my publisher’s text interview

Some reviews:

Publisher’s Weekly: “Bensen writes with characteristic nuance, keenly balancing human drama and ambition against the incredible alien landscape of Junction…”

Philly Press Review: “…exotic biology that shomehow works and yet is nothing like anything on Earth.”

Science Meets Fiction: “Bottom line: Interchange is a marked improvement over Junction.”


and my Interchange playlists:




But anyway it’s a lovely, misty morning here at Castle Cylon. The bindweed is blooming, the juniper hedge smells good, and my children are churning the pool. Enjoy your June 20th.

Here’s Interchange.

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