Interchange Beta is done!

Lois McMaster Bujold and Terry Pratchett both talk about writing as a hike through a misty valley between mountain peaks. Back in July, I wrote the mountain peaks. Then, from the beginning of September to the end of November, I carefully laid trail between one peak and another. I had to kill some darlings, but I took it from a bunch of dis-connected inspiration-driven set-pieces to a full story, with all the bits about how the characters get from point A to B to C.


Begun at 10:00am Sep 1st 2019 in my office on ul. Gurko.

First line: “Bamboo-grass crunched and the mist curled away, revealing the bear.”

Finished at 3:15pm Nov 25th 2019.

Last line: “The Nightbow spun above them, filled with mountains.”

Length (beta): 80,351 words

It’s still very much half-baked. 80K words instead of 100K. The emotional arcs have a few kinks in them. The ancillary characters might not appear at all for a whole bunch of chapters. Plot-holes galore. And there still aren’t as many aliens as I want. But now I’m going to print the manuscript out, give it to my wife to read, and let it rest until January. Then I’ll start the third read-through. January, February, March…Hopefully by March I’ll something I can show to other people. You’ll let me know if you want one of those other people to be you.

December will be dedicated to fiddling some more with Centuries, and then there’s apparently some sort of winter solstice holiday? See you on the other side.

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