Cursive Cuneiform

Iiše tuuneetaššuiilefa
Šiiuenašušuan parunašušuan
Ḫunašušuan oommueetaššuan.
Iišee tuuneetaššuuaniilefa
Oomiinnašuušše faḫunašuun

If you heed me,
waters and grains and
houses you will enjoy.
If you do not heed me,
Your lands to ashes
I will burn.

— The Pataḫai Ḫuḫa

Remember the Sahara Seas project? Before I shelved it, I talked with Damátir Ando (aka Conciliarityoftepat, aka Yuk-tepat) about making a writing system for the Hurro-Urartian speaking people who invaded (a wetter, greener) northeastern Africa and founded the Ancient Podzran (Pataḫai) culture (see here for a look at Ancient Podzran’s daughter, Classical Podzran (Pto’a)). There’s also a rather nice myth cycle of the Ucaptians, an Afro-Asiatic people from the central northern coast of Africa, who would eventually conquer and scatter the Podzrans.

I shelved Sarah Seas because I realized how enormous it was going to be (it took me six months to get through the first two languages in a list of at least five). I do have a story idea for it, though, and someday I may even write it.

I owe many thanks to Cody of AlternateHistoryHub, who introduced me to Sean McNight‘s Saharan Seas map, and to Damatir, who was very patient with me. Stay tuned, we might be working together in future.

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