Interchange Alpha is done!

Back in the middle of December, I got a call from my agent, saying Flametree was interested in a sequel to Junction. Could I do it?

I said yes of course, and I spent the rest of the month arranging for Junction’s book launch, buying presents, and cooking, with these regular stabbing sensations in my chest. It was like somebody was prodding me in the heart with a plastic cake server. And as they prodded, they asked,  “…can you do it?”

I didn’t know. I continued not to know as I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s, launched Junction, wrote the outline for the sequel, learned a new way to write a book, wrote that book, and revised another book. Then it was time to begin writing Interchange.

So, I copied the outline over into a new document, took a valarian pill, meditated, turned on my playlist, and just sort of winged it. I wrote about a bear.

The bear made no further appearances, but I kept winging it, not worrying too much about accuracy, continuity, or much else. I just riffed off the outline for about 90 minutes every morning for a little less than three months. And now the Interchange alpha draft is done.

Mostly it’s the parts about aliens are done. I’ll deal with the humans and their squishy emotions in the next draft.


Begun at 9:30am May 20th 2019 in my office on ul. Gurko.

First line: “Bamboo-grass crunched and the bear emerged from the mist.”

Finished at 11:30am July 12th 2019.

Last line: “Last Line: The Nightbow spun, filled with mountains.”

Length (alpha): 49,797 words

The next step is to let it rest. I’ll spend the rest of July fiddling with Centuries, then there’s WorldCon in August and also, like, my family or something. Then I’ll pick Interchange back up in September and start digging in and expanding! It’ll be at least 100K words by the time I’m done with it, and hopefully it’ll be ready for beta-readers.

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