Valuable Asteroid Strikes Ethiopia

This may be a silly idea, but I was wondering about what would happen if an asteroid composed of some valuable mineral struck a random place on Earth (on land).

With the help of, I decided that the asteroid strikes just north of the town of Kemba, in the Gamo Gofa Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia.

I want the asteroid to be small enough that it doesn’t kill too many people, and valuable enough to cause a major upheaval to the global economy (think “16th-century Spain’s plundering of the gold, silver, and nitrates of South and Central Americas” – that level of upheaval).

But what would be so valuable per gram? Neodymium? Heavy-water ice? Stable superheavy elements? Cavorite? How silly do we want to get here?

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