Five Star Book Reviews: Underlord

Underlord by Will Wight

Underlord (Cradle, #6)

Imagine that self improvement, pursued assiduously enough, gave you the ability to throw fireballs. Maybe if you throw big enough fireballs, you’ll be put in a position to understand *why* you want to throw them in the first place.

Underlord is the sixth volume of Wight’s Cradle series, and you really ought to read the others first. If you have, then, yes, this book is just as good as its predecessors. Wight has a real talent for quickly fleshing out colorful, but very human characters. When the bad guys are reduced to fine ash, you feel bad for them. The action is a linear extension of the series, but what’s really special about this book is the conceit that you can’t progress past a certain level of magic until you admit to yourself why you’re pursuing magic in the first place. Nice.

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