The Maiden and the Wealthgiver 1

Kori Utzemeli was 16 when she realized that the myth of Persephone was about her.
“Now, the daughter of Demeter was Persephone, also called “Kore,” the Maiden. And she was carried off by grim Hades to his kingdom the underworld…”
Kori stopped listening. She flipped back in her Greek notebook. Hades. Eldest son of Cronus, lord of the underworld after Zeus’s rebellion. Also called the Wealthgiver, “Ploutodoter,” or simply the Wealthy One, “Plouton.”
The Maiden and the Wealthgiver. They had different names in the Crypt Language, of course, but the meanings were the same.
For the first time, Kore understood the meaning of her initiation ceremony, and the nature of her arranged marriage.
“God damn me!” she said, and received a hefty punishment from her Greek instructor.

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