Junction is out!

Me and Bulgaria’s Khan of Horror and Prince of Translation, Emil Minchev

Junction is out! You can buy it at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and everywhere else in the Anglosphere. Soon, we shall invade the other spheres, as well.

Look at that rainbow sheen!

240 pages, ~90,000 words, first line: Daisuke Matsumori faked a smile and held out a dead mouse. The little corpse dangled by its tail, its eyes closed, its toes clenched, observed by the cassowary.

These books are extremely pretty

Begun: late July 2015 at Belchin hosprings, Bulgaria

First draft done: February 3rd 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Second draft done: December 28th 2016 in Borovets, Bulgaria

Third draft done: February 28th 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Third draft picked up by Flame Tree: April 9th 2018

Fourth draft finished: late August 2018 in Mountain View, California

Copy edits finished: late September 2018 in Missoula, Montana

final edits on Advance Reader Copy: mid-October 2018 in Sofia

Launch: January 10th 2019 7pm at Fox Book Cafe ul. “William Gladstone” 32, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia (you’re invited!)

Thank you, everyone, for staying with me on this long and wild ride.

My daughter is also getting into the family specbio business

Other Junction pictures, process notes, and more


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