Fourth Day of Junction: Maps and Air Pressure

On the Fourth Day of Junction, I got some hiking. In Junction (coming out on Thursday!) a survey mission on an alien planet crashes in the alien wilderness and has to walk home. 

But what do our heroes have to go through on their trek? Why, five different alien biomes, that’s what they have to go through.  The names have a changed a bit since I drew these maps, but the rout they take is the same.  You can find out more here.

Another problem our heroes face is that the planet Junction is 1.3 times as massive as Earth, which means everybody weighs a bit more and air pressure changes a lot more quickly with altitude. The way the math works out, you start to get altitude sickness about half a kilometer lower than you would on Earth.

  Not to mention to terrible savagery that lies within the human heart! Why the geopolitical situation alone…

But I’ll save that for another post. Happy Junction!

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