Interchange: What is the What if?

What is the what if?
What if life could easily get to and from orbit?

What is the time frame of the story?
Interchange takes place over a little over three weeks.

What is the setting? How big is the stage?
Interchange is set on Junction between the Earth portal and Howling Mountain, and in geosynchronous orbit over Howling Mountain. The stage is mostly the interior of the all-terrain mobile lab that they drive there.

Why are you excited about this story? (what is it about?)
I’m excited about Interchange because it shows that “survival is beautiful” isn’t the end of the story. We don’t just survive and then stop (that would be death, which is rather the opposite of survival). We can’t reach the finish line and then just keel over. We have to sustain our efforts every day. And in order to do that, we must be intelligent.

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