The Third Day of Junction: Radio Interview

Merry Third Day of Junction! And Merry Second Interview for the 12+3 show on Bulgarian National Radio (here’s the first). I recorded this interview at the end of December, getting ready for the big book launch of Junction.

Here is the radio interview, and for those of you who don’t speak Bulgarian, my translation:

A conversation with a friend – a marine biologist – awakens the imagination of writer Daniel Bensen to write his book, Junction. Prior to his novel’s launch party, Bensen told BNR:

“There was a conversation between me and my friend, a marine biologist. She wondered what would happen if we found a new continent on Earth -whether we would destroy it or treat it much better. I wrote a story about the discovery of a new planet, and at the beginning of the novel I asked the question – what do we do with this new planet? It was in those moments that I had the most fun, while writing about the different aliens living on this planet. In the book, we find a way to get to a new planet called Junction, which is called that because it has many wormholes – some of them lead to the Earth, others to quite different places. Animals and plants that fall on the planet develop their own ecosystems. “

“People who read science fiction know a different amounts of technical information,” Daniel Bensen told “12 + 3” and explained:

“I wrote Junction so people can appreciate it without knowing much about biology, but the biology I used in the book is real. I wanted to make the aliens as real as possible. One of the characters is a biologist who explains these things. “

“I’m working hard on a Bulgarian translation because I live here and want my friends and family to read the book in Bulgarian.” (but still no dice)

“One of the things that impressed me about the Bulgarian book market was how much Bulgarian readers love fantasy and science fiction,” said Daniel Bensen.

The premiere of the book is on January 10 at 19.00 in the FOX book café in Sofia.

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