Five Star Book Reviews: The City of Brass

A street rat in Ottoman Cairo feels like she’s someone special. She can heal supernaturally quickly and speak every language, including one she’s never heard anyone else use. During one ambitious scam, she uses this personal language to spice up a mystical ritual so she can charge a higher price for her bogus faith-healing.

And the patient wakes up, grabs our protagonist by the wrist, and snarls in a demonic language: “Who are you?”

It turns out the hidden, magical world of elemental spirits doesn’t give much of a damn about the human world, unless it finds a human doing magic. Then things get complicated and political.

Now we have deadly power struggles, handsome and troubled men, ancient destinies, and ethno-religious grudges tangled up in a magical city populated by fire-breathing demigods. The City of Brass is a fun goddamn ride.

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