The Pursuit

The Pursuit of Common Goals is the political union/philosophical school that represents a species of papionine, related to baboons and geladas (and more distantly to crested mangabeys). Pursuers (as members of the Pursuit are called) are convergently similar to humans, both descended from tree-dwellers that began to walk upright across the savannas of a drying Africa. Like humans, pursuers lost much of their body fur, and have short snouts, enlarged crania, bowl-shaped pelvises, and legs and spines adapted to long-distance running (although they are not identical – pursuer big toes have been reduced to nubs). They have, however, retained their tails, which jut out horizontally from the base of the spine, then dangle. Their skin is purplish-black with pink patches over and under the eyes, on the palms, and on the chest. Fur color is usually gray, and covers the skull, cheeks, neck, shoulders, tail tip, and genitals. Pursuers have flat, grinding teeth, reflecting their ancestral diet of grains and meat, with canines used only for display.

Pursuer males have enlarged canines, as well as ruffs of fur around their necks and wide “sideburn mustaches” that extend from the cheek, usually white or yellow to contrast with the normal gray fur that both sexes bear on the head, shoulders, and upper chest. Their males also bear large, fox-like brushes of fur, usually white with a black tip. This sexual feature is almost always covered by clothing – often a bustle of draped cloth hanging to the knees in the back and just below the crotch in the front. Sleeve-boots extend from the toes to the upper thigh and similar sleeve-gloves extend from the fingers to the upper arm. Shoulders and upper chest are kept bare. Females are smaller than males, with less fur, wider shoulders and hips, and warty folds around the patches of bare skin on their chests (which are usually covered by clothing).

The Pursuit is generally friendly to the United Nations, and swaps medical and agricultural technology for raw materials and exotic foods from Earth. There is also a growing mutual demand for films and other cultural products.

This species is from Fellow Tetrapod

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