Fellow Tetrapod begins

Hello everyone! I’ve been silent for a while, but now real life is backing off a bit and I’m starting a new story. It’s called Fellow Tetrapod and I’m very excited about it.

Fellow Tetrapod is a hard scifi talking animal story. Assume a government of united representatives of sapient species from alternate Earths. On one, baboons took over, on another rotifers. Fun!

But how would you really build a multi-species society? How would you deal with all the different instinctive reactions of the citizenry? What about their different physical needs for food, space, and basic climate? What benefits would make all these compromises worth it?

I don’t exactly know the answers to those questions yet, which is why I’m excited about it. I’m also eager to really dig into the meat of speculative evolution. What would an intelligent baboon look like? A raven? A rotifer? How would their cultures develop? What would they be like as dinner guests? What would you serve them? Bread is fine for the baboon (they evolved from a galada-like ancestor and domesticated grains while we were still figuring out napped flint), but will gum up the raven’s guts. Better stick with popcorn. And what the hell is a rotifer?

Yeah, that’s the real reason I’m excited about Fellow Tetrapod. It’s an excuse to geek out about phylogenetics. So join me, won’t you? I’ll be sharing stuff from my writing process over the next year or so. Come back often and tell me I’m a madman.

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