Five Star Book Reviews: Unsouled

Unsouled by Will Wight

When clans and schools compete use the magical Sacred Arts to compete for esteem and power, what use is a boy born without magic? Nothing. Lindon grows up with no help at all from anyone outside his immediate family, which only contributes to his powerlessness. Anyone older than ten or so could kill him out of hand, and the only reason Lindon can survive is because the murder of such a weakly Just Isn’t Done. That and he cheats.

The magicless character in a magicful world isn’t a new idea, but I haven’t seen it approached before with such brutal honesty. The main character is crippled and in constant danger from a community that either ignores or despises him. I rooted for this clever and pitiful underdog as he slowly put together one careful scheme after another, hording and re-investing each tiny sliver of advantage he managed to accumulate. And the magic system is a fun one, too.

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