Stations of the American Time Line

<Some world-building for The Centuries Unlimited>

When penetrated by a Time Line (properly a “para-configuration translation sheath” or “samayve” ), a historical period splits from “canonical history” and moves into the future in parallel with the Line’s terminus in the present day. Such a historical period is no longer properly “in the past,” but part of the present, a Station on the Time Line that one may visit without affecting canonical history.

By convention, therefor, Stations established further in the past are called “up time” from Stations established in the more recent past, called “down time” (e.g. Knickerbocker Station is up time from Crisis Station). By further convention, the current date at every Station has been synchronized with that of the terminus of the Time Line. The year is 2145.

Knickerbocker Station is the newest Station of the American Time Line, established less than a year ago, after the Knickerbocker Crisis and the Panic of 1907. It is the home Station of Emily Gallagher, Samuel James Stewart, Sargent Charles Redmond, Lieutenant James McGuirk, and Clement John Stewart.

Black Station was established 13 years ago, after Black Tuesday and the Wall Street Crash of 1929. It is the home Station of Ruth Hunter, Johnnie Magician, and Emily Gallagher, called “Mother,” by Ruth, and Billy Hunter.

Kennedy Station was established 18 years ago, after the Kennedy Slide of 1962. It is the home Station of Citizen William Hunter, Officer Robert Barnes, Denise Hunter, and Agent Betty Bleirer.

Shock Station was established 23 years ago, after the Oil Shock of 1979. It is the home Station of Officer Vivek Santoshi.

Crisis Station was established 31 years ago, after the Financial Crisis of 2007. It is the home of Officer Michael Pack.

Pivot Station was established 37 years ago, after the Pivot Backlash of 2036. It is the home Station of Agent Rosaline Brizard.

Green Station was established 44 years ago, after the Green Collapse of 2068.

Time Station was established 16 years ago, after the Time Slump of 2104.

The Present date is 2145 and nobody knows when or if the next economic crash will come.

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