The Goose’s Wing

“What man-made machine will ever achieve the complete perfection of even the goose’s wing?”

Abbas ibn Firnas

It’s the 1050th anniversary of the invention of the hang-glider, and Andalusian peace activist Tariq ait Fortun falls into the talons of terrorists.

“The Goose’s Wing” is available now in the Tales from Alternate History 2 anthology.

Interested in the world of “The Goose’s Wing”? Here are my world-building notes.

Hang-gliders (the first glimmerings of the idea)
The Era of the Kite and Rocket (some serious world-building)
The Goose’s Wing: Materials and Design (even more serious world-building)
The Goose’s Wing: Early uses of gliders (I got some help from the
Kiteworld (A map! My first real althist map by none other than Bruce Munro)
A Kitworld playlist

and more (my tumbler tag for The Goose’s Wing)


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