Air Pressure on Junction

I just learned something about air pressure and how it changes with altitude.

I have my characters in Junction make a 1,000 meter climb in a day on a 1.3 G planet (uh…there was a convenient path up the slope?) Never mind how they covered that distance while dragging their stuff and mourning a guy who was kind of a jerk but what if his death wasn’t an accident? What about the air pressure?

Higher gravity means denser air, and it also means air pressure decreases faster as you gain altitude, according to this equation. Okay, let me make a spreadsheet.

If on Earth you start to feel the air getting thinner at 2,000 meters, and if you’re officially suffering from altitude sickness at 2,400 meters (which seems to be the standard), and if the temperatures about 15-20 c, then on Junction you start to feel it at only 1,500-1,600m, and you might start getting out of breath above 1,850-1,900m.

Daisuke and the other members of the ill-fated Houlihan-Matsumori Expedition start at about 1,000 meters above sea level (although who knows where the sea is on Juction), and climb an additional 1,000, feeling increasingly bad after the half-way point. Once they cross the mountain, they’ll be hit by a warm air current and some wormhole tomfoolery that will raise the air pressure again to the point where they’re comfortable. Good to know.

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