My Little Pony

You might remember last week when I made up a language for My Little Pony. The process taught me a lot, but what matters is I got a pretty good grammar and lexicon for the Proto-Pony language.

In any case, after a bit more vocabulary-building and some spelling reforms, I’m ready to conclude this project with a translation of, what else, the My Little Pony theme song.  The syllables line up and everything!


ahí ìmKíhhHí HHRāhhmPHàm!
PāmMHah:mMām HíPHāhh KìMíPHahHār MHāMíKa.
ìmPāhhMām HíPHāhh Hhí:rPHahHār HíhhKa.
ihMà:ri íhhHà QQWáíPHàm.
Mà:Hí BahBāhh ā:BíHàī: ā:ì:r.
PāhhārHàMām QihHàHíPHahHār HahíHSír.
Hhí:r ā:HHahHHàrMām HíhhHār HahíPHàm.
ahí ìmKíhhHí HHRāhhmPHàm!
Mahí ìmHà MHāmPHàm ahí!


Be little ponies!
I would often wonder about working toward friendship.
(Then) You all gave some magic toward that.
Danger is fun.
A lot of courage is beautiful and is strong.
We share kindness with each other.
Magic makes that gallop as a herd.
Be little ponies!
You are my friends!

Loose translation

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
Until you all shared its magic with me
Big adventures
Tons of fun
A beautiful heart, faithful and strong
Sharing kindness is an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete
My Little Pony
Do you know you’re all my very best friends?

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