Junction Radio Interview!

I appeared…was audible?…on Bulgarian National Radio last week, where I talked about my life and work in Bulgaria and my upcoming book, Junction! Junction, as I describe it, is about интересни чудовища, които изяждат хората по интересни начини, or “interesting monsters, which eat the people in interesting ways.” Also, it turns out the name for this genre is приключение-изучаване, or “adventure-science.” Yes! Yes, exactly! Az pisham za priklyuchenie-izuchavaneto!

Here’s the interview, and for those of you who don’t speak Bulgarian, my translation:

American author Daniel Bensen came to Bulgaria with his wife Pavlina in 2008. Bensen writes in the genres of fantasy and science fiction, while teaching English to middle-to-high-level adults. He is also trying to improve his pronunciation in Bulgarian, in order to teach people with a lower level of language proficiency.

Daniel met Pavlina at the University of Boston and lived with her for a year before moving to Sofia. He likes life with us, which he describes as “slower,” loves Bulgarian food, and his daughter is studying folk dances.

In second grade, Daniel Bensen began writing comics. His first more serious attempt at a novel was after graduating from university. He tried to write a fantasy novel, even though he could not find a publisher for it. Today, he has several successful entries in anthologies and a major upcoming project under his belt (literally “at his back”).

The book, which will be on bookstores soon, is called “Junction.” It will be available in April next year. It’s something like Michael Crichton’s books – adventure-science. The book is about a group of people who go to an alien planet and try to find their way back to Earth. There are politics involved, some people will be killed, and it is not clear whether their deaths are accidents or not. There are also many interesting monsters that eat people in interesting ways.

The genres Daniel Bensen writes are fantasy and science fiction. He has ideas in the “alternative history” genre, which is finding more and more supporters around the world.

“I like to write what I love to read. With what I write, I want to run away from reality. That is why I want to go as far as possible from Bulgaria, which is still connected with my normal life. But now I’m writing a historical fantasy, set in Bulgaria in 1500. I also talked to some historians about this project. So I touched my creativity to my real life.”

Thank you, Ivan! I’m looking forward to our next interview. Nyamam tarpenie. 🙂

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