Follycon notebook 4+5

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Then I actually went to a Follycon panel! It was called (I think) “How to Put Science in your Fiction,” and that thing at the top is my wife’s snarky correction.

The following are some unhelpful notes to myself. “Science journals”? Thanks, Dan. Great advice.

I did manage to record the name of Antonio Demasio, who apparently has interesting things to say about neurology.

The panel continued with Tyrants Rex by Clint Wastling, which is about post-apocalyptic GM animal-people. I haven’t read it, but it turned out later that Clint stayed in the same B&B as me, so he’s got good taste in accommodations. I also got told about Ben Aaronovich’s Rivers of London series, which I already know is excellent, and Paul Cornell’s Shadow Police series, which I haven’t read, but want to.

There are also some in between notes featuring me figuring out how to get science into science fiction. These include such gems as “the scientific process as plot” and “Characters work their way back through the chain of worldbuilding.”

It’s actually an interesting idea, but I have no idea what to do with it. Any suggestions?

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