The Three Seas

Not many words today. You have to look at things. Like this. LOOK AT THIS!

I was thinking about a Mediterranean-type sea, but with three outlets to the world ocean rather than two. Our world has the straits of Gibraltar into the Atlantic and the Bab el Mandeb (via the Red Sea) into the Indian Ocean. The Med also connects to the Black Sea, but the Black Sea has no connection to any ocean. I actually experimented with making one…

But it lacks a certain…good…ness. It’s not good, is what I mean.That long north-south river thing? That’s dumb.

So I made up some new continents! Imagine three continental plates, two sitting placidly while a third slams into them from the side. It will push both other plates north and south, opening the gap between them. Eventually the mountains thrown up by the collision will close the gap between one or both of the old continents and the new one, but for a while, there will be three seas with a meeting point right between the three continents.

Also I flipped the whole thing east-to-west. Don’t want it to look too much like Europe, Asia, and Africa. These are three new continents! Sacima in the northwest, Phoucia in the southwest, and…uh…Visacia in the east. Now. What sort of people live here?


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