The Duties to the Gods of Pto’a

Tonun-uva Shyamuga kozana, maanun kromma huttun-osha amaanna.
Khrhaashora ‘on wamanokha-nash shkaf-nash ‘on om’an-natosha ‘on Hagopa-na-natosha­ an ‘on mula-tosha ‘on Hunabura-natosha.

If we are to obey Beautiful Shyamuga(1), we build temples to pray (in) them.
Only the lazy ones flee toward the lands of the Hagopas(2) and the deserts of the Hunaburas(3).

Tonan-uva Shoshka kona, onran ‘otna knon-osha ugana.
Khrhaashora ‘on khrhashokha-nash shkaf-nash ‘on om’an-natosha ‘on Nobana-na-natosha­ an ‘on tsonaght-tosha ‘on Kkekkanna-natosha.

If we are to obey Mighty Shoshka(4), we convene armies to fight Ugas(5).
Only the cowardly ones flee toward the lands of the Nobas(6) and the wilderness of the Kkekkans(7).

Tonan-uva Takheshpa khushohaa, maamanun seghana orun-osha pona.
Khrhaashora ‘on abhokha-nash shkaf-nash ‘on tsoda-tosha ‘on Nuhana-tosha.

If we are to obey destructive Takheshpa(8), we endure inundations to eat corn.
Only the greedy ones flee toward the lake of the Nuhas(8).

Oshoba wamanokhana! Oshoba khrhashokhana! Oshoba abhokhana!
Ovha-wora ‘on padaahana Pto’a-nosha ovaashna!

Go, you lazy ones! Go, you cowards! Go, you greedy ones!
The gods of Pto’a(9) do not want you!

‘On tontna ‘on padaahana-nosha Pto’a-nanosha

– The Duties to the Gods of Pto’a


(1) A sun god, related to Hurrian Šimegi.
(2) The Ucaptians, from Ucaptian ħwt k ptħ, or “house of the soul of Ptahh.”
(3) Presumably a nomadic people in northwestern Africa. Possibly the same as the knj-brw mentioned in Ucaptian sources as dwelling in the Atlas Mountains.
(4) the war goddess, related to Hurrian Šauška.
(5) The Hittites, from Hittite ekku, or “horse.”
(6) The Nubians, from Nubian Noba.
(7) Presumably a nomadic people in east Africa. Possibly related to Old Wak’ang apuok’e!in, or “correct.”
(8) A Eunymphic people, probably the proto-Taynadzians. Compare Taynadzian nùh, or “people.”
(9) The Classical name of the Kingdom of Podzra, from Ancient Podzran Patahhai.

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