Bulgarian words for try

Sorry I don’t have much for this week’s Wonderful Awful ideas. Just four Bulgarian words that might all be translated as English “try.”

Opitvam se (опитвам се) is related to pitam (I ask). As in opitah se da pobedya, “I tried to win.” Literally “I tested myself to win.” This is the basic one, and it carries the connotation that you don’t know if you’ll succeed, but you might.

Macha se da (Мъча се да) is from macha (I torture). As in macha se da sglobya igrachka. “I try to assemble the toy.” Literally “I torture myself to assemble the toy.” This one implies that you do not succeed because the task is so impossible.

Probvam se (Пробвам се) is from proba (a probe). As in probvam drehi. “I try on clothes.” Literally “I probe clothes.” This one is for trying out or trying on unknown things such as clothes or new apps on your phone.

Staraya se (Старая се) might be from star (old)? I’m not sure. As in  staraya se da ucha “I try to learn.” (or depending on context: “I take learning seriously” or “I apply myself to learning” or “I do my best to learn.”)

So go forth, my friends, and try!

(thanks Kalin Nenov for the corrections)

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