The Hurrian states on the Nile


Language families and state borders in Africa approx 3,000BCE

Iishe toon-eetasshuiilefa, shiiwe-nashusshuan pornashusshuan hhoo’-nashusshuan oomm-eetasshuan. Iishe tooneetasshuwan’iilefa, oomiinnashusshe forh’nashunn’ ameetauan.”

/i:ʃe to:ne:taʃ:əi:lefa ʃi:wenaʃəʃ:əan pornaʃəʃ:əan ħo:ʔnaʃəʃ:əan o:m:e:taʃ:əan i:ʃe to:ne:taʃ:əwanʔi:lefa o:mi:nnaʃəʃ:e foʁʔnaʃən:ʔ ame:taəan/

(I-abs learn-will-you-if, water-pl-erg-your-and corn-pl-erg-your-and house-pl-erg-your-and enjoy-will-you-and. I-abs learn-will-you-not-if, land-pl-erg-your dust-pl-erg-as burn-will-I-and.)

“If you heed me, you will enjoy waters and grains and houses. If you do not heed me, I will burn your lands to ashes.”

— From Pothhai Horha, the Ancient Podzran origin myth

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