Ding ding!

And I’m back from vacation with black circles under my eyes and the Trolls sound track in my head.

But I did manage have a conversation with my wife! We talked about Wallstreet. “We call Europe and Asia ‘conservative markets,’” she says, “but that really means that companies like Samsung and Nokia depend on sales to survive. Apple though, depends on having highly valued stocks.”

Blew my mind! And yeah that’s why the stock market was created, wasn’t it? You need someone to float you the cash to begin a long term project, so you sell shares of your company. Without a stock market, your only option is to convince the Medicis to throw florins at you.

So how much as changed? If the stock market is a forum of merchant-princes, what would it look like with a king? How would it look with universal suffrage?

Or how about the future? If X+merchant-princes=the stock market, what is X+the stock market?

Let the speculative fiction commence! Ding ding!

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  • Here are my answers:
    1) Ruling by right of the Invisible Hand, the Investor-of-investors waves his scepter and sends Google off to conquer the New World.
    2) The Commissar of the Palo Alto Soviet counts up the votes of the citizen-shareholders and orders Apple to exchange 5,000 smart phones for 100 crates of blue jeans.
    3) People don’t buy products, they buy shares in companies, which send gifts to shareholders. Or turn that around. People don’t pay for services, they buy shares in servers. As a server, your labor is owned by your clients, and your big clients can tell you what to do.