A Distinct Extinction

If extinctions are random in their effect, then replaying them will yield very different results. In this case, the dice (actually it was a random number generator) spelled oblivion for the crocodiles and pterosaurs, and obscurity for turtles and lizards, and wild success for plesiosaurs, theropods, and eutherian mammals. The result is a diversity of mostly hairless, ectothermic predatory mammals lurking in swamps and scuttling up walls. Small, semi-terrestrial pliosaurs bask on logs, and maniraptors…just keep on manirapping, you know? Those fingers are pretty big, though. That sure is something.

This picture is dedicated to Melissa Walshe, who beta-read The Goose’s Wing and helped me fix it. She asked for something “surprising” and these creatures certainly surprised me, so… thanks, Melissa!

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