A Random List of Worldbuilding

It’s been less than half a year since the time trains came to 1907, but things are already a-changin’!

What do Ruth, Emily, Vivek, and Sam encounter when they get of the time train at Knickerbocker Station? I wrote down a bunch of weird stuff, randomized it, and spat it out for you!

“Downtime eats! Last chance for Halal food. Last sattvic, jiya, ahisma- and achandu-compliant…”
“Join our Kaibatsu for shocking discounts!”
“Excuse me, sir! Aap kahan se hain?”
“Vile anti-trust laws and price-ceilings!”
“– to Jesus!”
“Protect against air burglars!”
“Cure your typhoid and tuberculosis at the Chinese Clinic!”
“Electrificators! Home dynamos!”
“Drive real cars on real roads! Bu-zidong! Bu-zidong!”
“Curling irons for Miss? Paleness pills? Padded bras? Heated chemises?”
“The Catherine T. MacArthur foundation – ”
“Brothers in Labor! Unite to crush the capitalists!”
“Immunize yourself to perfidious alcohol!”
Disculpe, señor, ¿habla español?
“Excuse me, Person, do you have a moment to talk about equality?”
“Cost of living index…”
“– of Reverend Mordecai Ham! The Jews –”
“Real puppies! Live puppies!”
“– for reactive municipal infrastructure.”
“Say, ma’am, can I interest you in an opportunity in African real estate?”
“Workers demand fair wages! The Black Hand strikes again! Meat-Packers’ Union says no more mannequin labor. ”
“Marshal Fields mein dukaan!”
“Install the Servile Application on your Indispensable! Order a pound of beef and a chef to cook it!
“Tonight at the Bughouse –”
“Renounce your flesh and upload!”
“Achchha girls!”
“Race the bull and wrestle the bear! Twenty to one on a market downturn!”
“Premature War in the Balkans! Bank runs in eight cities!”
“Try Knickerbocker food! Grown right out of the ground!”
“Join the Teamsters National Union!”
“Thermite kits!”
“Buy coal, steel, copper!”
“Rocket-Stoves, food-mills, water purifiers, cornucopia machines!”
“Have you heard the good news?”
“More mannequins vandalized! Right to trial by jury threatened. Ford Motors unveils new line of levitators. Downtime agitator Saul Alinsky under arrest at last!
“Visit historic Austro-Hungary! Flights leave twice a day!”
“Volopters sold! Levitation paint! The Sinbad automotor kit de-horses your carriage.”
“Emigrate to secure Kennedy Station.”
“Hand-held moving pictures, synthesizers, and musicons!”
Hal tatahadath alearabia?”
“Automatic zeppelin generators!”
“Hello, ma’am. You from Black Station? What city?”
“Miss! How’d you like to marry a Downtimer?”
“Hephaestus mini-forges! The Smarter Home Smelter!”

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