Future Breakfast!

Breakfast for employees of the Centuries Unlimited, freshly extruded from the table (the breakfast, not the employees). The chefs were eager to show off what complex flavors and textures they could squeeze out of a million tiny shape-shifting tubes, an amine recombinator, and a vat of GM yeast.

Then, less skill chefs tried to imitate them on cheaper equipment. Expert systems did a passable job of reproducing the result, and someone made a half-hearted gesture at writing the menu to appeal to the tastes of turn-of-the-century Americans.


Tea (with sugar, milk, and masala spices)

Black coffee

Finger food:

Pancakes with honey and clarified butter and five kinds of cheese 

Donuts filled with jellied kid and fermented fish sauce

Chopstick food

Lemongrass, bamboo shoots, banana flower, cucumber, scarlet wisteria, and midnight horror over rice

Plantain croquettes with pickled galangal

Spoon food

Cottage cheese (buffalo)

Porridge with goat jerky

Fork food

Squares of melon, papaya, and sugar apple.

Scrambled century egg with xawaash spices

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